10 great reasons to choose
a Woomaster® carpet

1. Luxurious appearance
2. Wool is natural
3. High durability
4. Superior resilience
5. Long lasting
   6. Easy to clean
7. Naturally warm
8. Flame resistant
9. Anti-static
10. Moth resistant

Wool is the natural choice for customers who respect nature and prefer a natural product. All Woolmaster ranges comply with strict Woolmark and Woolmark blend quality requirements.

For performance measured over time, wool products are low in cost and high in value. Wool has filled our lives with comfort and warmth for thousands of years.

When we are surrounded by the natural luxury of pure new wool, its remarkable strength and softness give strong feelings of safety and security. Wool provides us with a personal environment that is health-enhancing because it is a natural fibre. Wool disperses moisture from our skin, provides even warmth and body temperature, resists flame and static electricity and helps to reduce the stressful noise levels that surround us every day.

And yet, while we have been living with the qualities of wool throughout the ages, wool is also a fibre for the future. Regardless of the advances mankind makes in the creation of new synthetics, technology will never recreate the comfort, strength, softness and peace of mind only wool can offer.

Naturally better for nature. As a natural heat insulator, Woolmaster carpets significantly improve thermal comfort. This can lead to savings of up to 6% in heating bills. This also means less wasted energy and lower C02 emissions.

What’s more, the wool yarns we use are biodegradable. So even at the end of the life-cycle, Woolmaster carpets contribute to a healthier environment.